Image of Honest Living EP (Limited Edition CD)

Honest Living EP (Limited Edition CD)


The limited edition CD of the successful 2014 'Honest Living EP'. Only 100 copies of these are in existence. The instrumentals are also included. Trust us... these will not last long!!!

Honest Living is a collection of songs dedicated to the working class and loosely inspired by NC’s economy. Supastition was inspired to write the EP after NC became the first state to eliminate federal unemployment benefits in 2013. A lot of people, including Supa, felt the effects of it. While he was searching for a job himself, Supastition documented those struggles first hand with the Honest Living EP. Croup is no stranger to Supastition music. They recorded their first official song (Adrenaline) on Supastition's The Deadline. Since then, they've been working together and crafting songs. Croup is one of the few producers who didn't change his sound just to get major placements. As a unit, Supa and Croup both refuse to compromise their sound and only care to appeal to those who dig that vintage sounding hip hop.

Cover Art by Joey Zero.
Graphic Design and Layout by Kam Moye.
*These are duplicated on CDR with a full color layout design.

Preview the album below:

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