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Double Vinyl Combo Deal


For the vinyl collectors... Buy two records for $14 and save on shipping!!!

For a limited time, you can cop the 'Changing of the Gods' and 'The Good Life' vinyl together in this sweet package deal featuring guest appearances from Supastition.

'The Good Life' 7' vinyl
Atlanta-based emcee Bambu de Asiatic presents “The Good Life” 7" vinyl, his new Croup-produced single featuring Yamin Semali, Supastition and Simms Serenade. “The Good Life” is his first single from the Family Matters album.

'Write On' b/w 'Changing of the Gods' 7 vinyl
The A side 'Write On' features Soundsci emcees Oxygen, UGeorge and Audessey with production from Jonny Cuba and Ollie Teeba.

The B side 'Changing of the Gods' debuted on Supastition's LP The Gold Standard from 2015. The track features Soundsci emcees U-George and Oxygen with production from Jonny Cuba and Ollie Teeba.

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